Little Granny Bee


Patient in three is little granny bee,
she likes to yell when it’s time to pee,
you have to understand she cannot see,
she can’t hear you without speaking loudly.

When you give her pills,
needs a lot of drills,
either mix with apple sauce,
or crushed into a pastry paste.

Sometimes she swallows,
at times she gag and spits out!
just make sure her mouth is empty,
because it can be tricky,
her cheeky pouch might be hiding the gravy.

But little granny was a bit confused today,
she asked me, ” Where am I?”,
I told her she is in a nursing bed,
where everyone prays to lay when they are sick.

She gave me a blank stare…
waiting for me to say some more..
then I told her you fell at home and broke your hips,
suddenly she realized what is it,
her face was masked with sadness,
you will know she is really scared.

Little granny needs reassurance,
that nurses charge free when giving extra c-a-r-e,
spiced with tenderness and respect,
to patients like her so fragile and adorable….

s a j e r o s a


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