Nuke in a Nurse Perspective


Chernobyl , the Three mile island and now Fukushima ?????
All three nuclear power plants have made a living history,
of fear…. destruction ….to human life and earth….
Nations were made powerful among nations since the birth of nuclear energy.
But the responsibility was lacking in protecting the land and the humankind.

But it is not too late sir to redeem ourselves
Because it is a known fact how important nuclear energy is..
Now is the time to ensure and implement a solid solid secured maintainability,
For the already existing plants that we have….

The human brain is protected by layers of meningeal sheaths, then the skull, the scalp and hair.
Should we treat the nuke core like human brain?
If layers of protective barriers are built around the nucleus
when damaged by natural or man-made disaster
It can be surgically repaired and or replaced
Radiation contained and .. l i f e s p a r e d.

s a j e r o s a


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  1. Hi, Sagerosa! You have lovely graphics on your blog. Watch out when using reverse-white type though because it can be hard to read against a light background. Congratulations on starting a blog and sharing your creativity with the world!

    • Thank you Phil.

      Actually this is my third attempt and finally it materialized. Hope to find more readers interested in my thoughts. I did change the background.

      once again thank you


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