My Little Boy, ” T I M O T H Y”


I was told it will be a girl
Surprised  by a boy once out to see the world.
We welcomed him happily with tears in our eyes.
A bundle of joy, a bundle of hope, and a bundle of love…

He was growing so fast I cannot cope up,
Was busy with work and neglected the fact,
That my boy needs me every minute..every second..
Then one day I realized my little boy was deprived.

He was three and cannot speak,
Hyperactive and difficult to sleep
I brought him to see the Doc
Informed  normal, he will eventually talk…

Then a speech therapist said
my boy’s behavior comparable to an 18 month old!!!!
Alarmed, disappointed but hopeful.
Therapy started but slow and barely helpful.

Gave up a  job, an alibi of gab

To protect a Tod,  my precious lad

Geared myself to teach with a goal to reach
And instill the word of love with an infinite hope.

Made him feel that he is the only one in the world.

A month of consistency, made me see the truth
He  started forming words and reading a… b… c..
My heart was pounding and all excited..
I keep thanking God for giving me the chance
To redeem myself and attend to my child.

Second month was diagnostic
My son was reading  cat..hat..fat

Counting was handy with 1 to 20..
That part of his brain was  finally unraveled

stimulated, driven and marveled

Again, I thank God for waking me up.

Succeeding months were incredible
There were ups and down but  moving on
Now he is six and in kindergarten
He loves to read and understand mathematics.

He wakes up in the morning without difficulty,
Takes a bath and dress himself ready
He refused to be helped because he wants to do himself,
Has an independent mind, will ask if he needed help.

Today I don’t have to worry
For he expresses himself freely.
Thank you for all the help….
Thank you everyone..
And Thank You GOD for giving me
My …….T I M O T H Y ……………..

S a j e r o s a


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  1. a mother’s love is unconditional, they can feel, hear and understand what the child cannot say. Timothy soon you will read this: all i can say is that you’re so blessed to have a great and loving mom(^_^)

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