The Wedding


The Wedding

Everyone watched as the wedding unfolds
It was no ordinary occasion, the palace can hold.
An extraordinary, sensational and royal
As the two hearts merge,vowed to be loyal.

A dream come true for a woman
The end of a web for every man.
As the couple walks into the bed of roses
Should expect to step thorns and crosses.

Prepared to live as one
Decision made without leaving one
Happiness must  be shared by both
Being apart could be a loath.

Marriage as the last contract
A couples signature for a valid contact.
Love is a mixture of spice
It’s tenderness warmth the honeymoon bliss….

S A J E R O S A ……….


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  1. Royal wedding – William & Kate. As i’ve watched the details of the entourage via paperview here in London which marked another royal wedding history I was blown away, somekinda cinderilla story….nice…and that day I wished that someday…somehow I will also find my prince and have a happy ever after…

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