A Letter to my Comrades in Care


My MCSD Family

When I start a Cardizem drip
I definitely need a second trip
To obtain  your most  valued  autograph
Not only because it’s a hospital policy
but to ensure my patient’s  safety.

Heparin, Insulin and Integrilin
Are  high alert medicines
That needed your ultimate  approval
By your initials  in the patient’s tag
A signal before I can break the bag.

When turning my patients to face the east
I surely needed  your help to turn him back to west.
To keep his prominence free of red sore
At the same time prevent a clot for sure

When my patient is critically ill
I don’t feel abandoned because you are there.
A resource person or an extra hand
Ready to  help  sustain a precious  life
You are parallel to an indispensable wife.

My MCSD family
These are the things you did for me
You have taught  me to continue my dream
To value  life by embracing your team
Don’t you worry… my comrades in care…
I will still be here only.. a  floor above.



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