Allopurinol and other preop Cardiac drugs


 Allopurinol is an important antioxidant

Given to improve myocardial resistance

as well as outcome after an open heart.

Mechanism is unknown of its protective effect

maybe related to its ability to inhibit

Oxidizing  enzymes to prevent tissue injury

caused by reactive oxygen intermediates….

Mucomyst  you will not like it,

smells like a rotten egg

but the kidneys would love it

because of its guarding  effect.

It is  an antioxidant too

that scavenger oxygen free radicals

Watch for the creatinine of >1.5

Ask the Doc in charge if you are in doubt

Prior to any procedure that requires a contrast dye

Protect the kidneys, protect the patient

and be a patient advocate….

Metformin should definitely be held

for radiographic studies requiring contrast dye

due to indirect effect of lactic acidosis

from metformin accumulation .. because of renal dysfunction.

Vestaril(Hydroxyzine) however

Is a CNS depressant, an antihistamine, sedative and anxiolytic.

Given with Morphine to enhance its pain killing ability

and preëmpt itching, nausea  and  vomiting.

S A J E R O S  A


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