Remembering 9/11 now that Osama is Gone


The Memory of September 11, 2001

Was at work in the middle of the desert

A nicely built clinic in the center of the  Arab community.

Was wondering where’s everyone

So quiet…   then a  thunderous uproar..

People were joyous, I can’t hardly hear the mumbles…

But their face conveys the message

Of their true heart and self.

Everyone’s  face directed to the television attached to the wall.

Realization came slowly…

Shocked with disbelief,  tears flowing from my eyes.

The dark smoke  rose  into the sky

as the twin tower crumbles to the ground

people running everywhere….the cry of chaos…the cry for  help…

I closed the door and said my prayers…

Oh My God  Please  Help  The United States Of    A M E R I C A

Went home quiet …never spoke a word

Because I’m not sure who is a   friend

Without a doubt will stand by me…. till the end!



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  1. When Barack Obama confirmed that Bin Laden died last 01/05/2011, I was happy but a bit scared as well. America rejoiced and was praised around the world for giving justice to all the families osama had technically killed due to terrorism. However, will this end the dispute between countries involved? Will Osama’s supporters take it as a sign of defeat? is this the end or just a start of much more worst scenario of terrorism? so many questions which I feared at the moment.

    • It is the end of the long… and grueling manhunt and a justice for all Americans especially the victims and those who sacrificed their life for the benefit of many. They will forever be remembered of their heroism but for Osama, he will remain the dark stone in US history.

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