Married for less than a year or more ?

Do you really love and care for  Him for sure?

Do you have kids, 1………2…………3…………four?

Then why do you seek to end your vow?

And not wait a bit more????????????



Security is what a woman seeks…

That’s what statistics believe.

Prosperity is what she hopes for..

That’s possible  if you do together.



Intimacy is second to none

Because it binds you together as one.

But if a man desires multi flavor,

The focus will be altered forever.



Children are the fruits of delight

The spice and sweets, the joy of home

Who do you think would suffer more?

 You seeking to  untangle the vine…

Or the small voices……. the innocent mind.



Depression is the result of deprivation

where as Anxiety is the  result of guilt.

 Build up those coping mechanisms

It will be your Iron shield against drugs and criticisms.



Save your marriage, save your life…

and save the life of those innocent lad

Be patient and seek guidance…

Self retreat…visualize and  cope.

It transcends you to the door of hope.


Divorce is a document of despair

The number one  income for lawyers.

destructive more that constructive

The  enemy of kids, family and friends. 




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  1. is it like there’s no way out, if one is unhappy and unsatisfied? Maybe it’s less complicated and emotional if no kids are involved. In my case no matter what happen because of my son, I’ll hold on ’til my last breath. It’s an act of unconditional and unselfish love.

    • Thanks Tonet for dropping by. Wow I believe you .
      Holding on till your last breath is a dedication and yet self denial if you are unhappy and dissatisfied. It’s unconditional and unselfish when you love him more than your self. Love needs to be reciprocated in order for a relationship to last.

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