The CareGiver


Who can be a caregiver?
A person who cares to deliver
the message of nursing, and not suffer?

At most, it is a sacrifice
For hope of a better life
Is it a vocation? Or a last option?

It saps your energy
Your body and your pride
To become a caregiver for life.



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    • Thanks Marci for dropping by. Vocation to some but maybe last option to many. Which is totally understandable because of the imbalance in the job market as well as personal choice.

  1. My pride as a nurse doesn’t affect me if a become a caregiver. Nowadays being a caregiver in canada is an option for student’s here in UK who wants to transfer from another country rather than go home. Reality sake, filipino’s from all over the world are all aware that in our country there’s no more job waiting for nurses coz the supply is greater than the demand. Oh well, we can be a call center agent.. but what I’m saying is its much better to become a caregiver and give your family a decent living than hang on to your profession and goodluck(^_^)

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