A Mother’s Plea


I delivered you with ambivalence and pain.

But  was like magic when you arrived and I gain.

I nurtured you with  self less love and sleepless night

yet your smile and giggles dissipated the aches

that gave me the strength to continue and be at your side.

You went to primary school, you never gave me trouble.

High school started, was  difficult but I can still take.

You went to college you are drifting away as far as you could

you always comeback when it’s time to get your goods.

You got a job, and shared your bucks.

You got a boyfriend and I arranged the wedding.

You’ve got 2 girls, they keep me kicking.

Now I’m 92, alone in an empty room.

A different home I’m not sure I knew,

someone knocked the door, who do you think you are?

She told me it’s time to eat dinner and wheeled me far.

Now I see similar faces reminding  me of yesterday

But I keep looking for someone…. someday I would find.

Days are passing yet she did not come.

I fainted and brought to the hospital.

Then I saw her face I’m not sure if she is alright

“It’s ok  mom, I’m here at your bedside.”

I don’t know if I will cry or give a  smile

But I’m confused why only now……..

Is this the time you are waiting to see me?

Sick,old and wrinkled?

I waited all day,all night without an end

I’m in a foreign place I did not choose to live.

Daughter this is my last plea…………..

bring me home to my old place

allow me to live with you until my last breath.



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  1. A painful experience for a mother to undergo but happening in the real world, in which I am one of the many witnesses.Its so sad to be alone when you’re old.Hope our children in this modern world will continue to value us till our olden days.That’s why its my prayer that my God will give me wisdom and guide me how to bring my kids up in the way they should be.So when that day comes they will be at my side.

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