The Souq Experience


It’s Friday morning, everyone excited because it’s “souq” day. Souq is an Arab market where you can find  Jewelries, dry goods, linens, fruits and vegetables and many more. It is known for bargain and low prices. Swarmed by people in black abaya and white long priest dresses. I ‘m glad I’m off today. This is the only time that I can go out and buy some items for my daughter. I wore a head-dress matched with my abaya joined others already in the bus. The driver reminded us  that we only have an hour to shop then we will be brought back to our accommodation. It’s sad but it’s safer that way. We shop like butterflies moving from one shop to another. Being alert and careful because all shop owners were male. We have to have  partners  or in groups. It’s time to practice my Arabic and it’s fun to interact with my limited language but i pick up really quickly and add them to my vocabulary. Today, I haven’t got any for my girl but i bought the biggest flat bread known to man, the” kubos”. I don’t know why but I learned to love it, brushed with butter you can eat with sauteed tomatoes, onions and egg mixed together or ground meat instead. The natural smell of a newly baked bread, the aroma of chicken or lamb being roasted outside had made my day smoking with an inkling of life. Thank you God I’m alive. Ten more minutes and the bus will come ,I have to get ready and be on time. Most of them are carrying big plastic bags full of goodies but mine was a bag full of memories, a breath-taking experience of the….. souq.



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