The Floaters


I thought it was just an add on
With different colors,style and shape
But no.. it works like the original life vest on.
Such a bright idea,a credit to the inventor.

It boost confidence
It made parents comfortable,
proud and calm as those tinny arms paddles
with their short kicks they float
and make their progress in the blue waters.

It is safe, stylish and reasonable
An amazing gadget, a parents partner
In teaching kids how to swim and float.

At the beginning of summer
On our way home from a friends swim invitation,
My son, Timothy said,”Mom,I can’t believe I don’t know how to swim.”
My first time to see his face full of disappointment
Sadness engulfed his bright eyes
Now forming wells of unforgettable tears.

My heart sank and felt my son’s desires,
But how will I teach him? I myself don’t know how!
I plan to enroll him to learn the basics at least
But a friend recommended a floater would help.
He used a floater before but that was a year or two…

A simple arm floaters indeed was the trick!
My son flipped, floated and explored
But Yuri played with his floaters
Now its torn and cannot be restored
An expense I have to endure,
But my son reassured me, “Mom, I don’t need a floater anymore.”
I was skeptical and did not believe at first
Unable to find one I let him be himself.

Amazed, happy and mesmerized
He surprised me with the skill he displayed
He floated, flipped and dipped
To the pool not a trace of fear
But courage and confidence..
A freedom and independence learned..

My son.. I’m so proud of you!!
For the inventors of floaters..
Thank you so much..

n.b.. with or with out floaters parents/adults are advised to be with their children always.


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