Seizure after Cessation of Benzodiazepines 1


I have discussed about the how, when and what happens when taking Benzo longer than it should be and why it is addictive. Addictive in the sense that the body becomes dependent of the action of benzo. Remember the role of GABA inhibitors? How it inhibits neurotransmitters to be excited? This role is very important in managing balance in our body. When the body becomes excited and hyper, GABA reacts by balancing the situation appeasing the activity as it slowly brings back normalization. Now with the prolonged use of benzo it now takes over and replaces GABA. How? With more and more use of benzo the body thinks GABA is not needed anymore so its production is suppressed. This becomes a problem now because once the blood level of benzo is lessened/decreased, an immediate reaction takes place because GABA is so suppressed that in situation like this, it won’t be able to control hyperexcitement. How is these corrected? If it takes 4 weeks continuous use of benzo before the body becomes dependent then I can say that it will also take 4 weeks for the body to adjust once stopping benzo intake. The most critical period would be the first ten days of withdrawal since it is during this period that seizure is very inevitable and the body is unable to produce GABA inhibitors to counter react the situation. But once the critical period is surpassed, the brain now will rethink as their is cessation of the artificial GABA, it will start producing its own GABA inhibitors again. During this 4 weeks of recovery most of the time the body needs assistance in order to recover smoothly as it transitions during the cleansing period. This time it would need gradual tapering dose of benzo or any anticonvulsant like depakote to control the withdrawal symptoms at the same time provides enough time for the brain to regain control of its GABA inhibitors.

To my readers, this is pure analysis and I hope this will help anybody who are interested in giving up benzo. Do not let drugs control your life, instead control drug use and be wise. Doctors prescribe the medication with the confidence that it will help your symptoms, there is nothing wrong with that. ..But the wrong comes on the way when you pretend to be innocent and ignorant about your prescription. It is too late when you realize a damage was already done before you can even say something. But.. hope and life should be the inspiration to live again, this time be in control!!!!


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