Postoperative Ileus


When patients are recovering from anesthesia after surgery. I think that the last and most common struggle is the reestablish of the digestive system. When I first had my cesarean section, I had no problem awakening, but I had problem moving my bowels. My third CS was worst, I had severe gas pain, suppository did help but was too slow. Then an interesting case hit me. Should Ditropan be given early post operative period?

I picked on Ditropan as the culprit for the ilues and flatulence because it is an anticholinergic that decreases motility in the digestive tract as it lessens spasm in the bladder. When the guts are recovering from anesthesia, this medication should not be taken, or anything that decreases motility should be held until the digestive tract has fully recovered with no distention and abdominal pain. For those who had prior history of post op ileus, should have a cleansing enema before surgery. Early mobility is the key but what if it hits you even before you start to ambulate? Prevention is the no.1 priority to avoid repetition.

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