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Seizure after Cessation of Benzodiazepines 1


I have discussed about the how, when and what happens when taking Benzo longer than it should be and why it is addictive. Addictive in the sense that the body becomes dependent of the action of benzo. Remember the role of GABA inhibitors? How it inhibits neurotransmitters to be excited? This role is very important in managing balance in our body. When the body becomes excited and hyper, GABA reacts by balancing the situation appeasing the activity as it slowly brings back normalization. Now with the prolonged use of benzo it now takes over and replaces GABA. How? With more and more use of benzo the body thinks GABA is not needed anymore so its production is suppressed. This becomes a problem now because once the blood level of benzo is lessened/decreased, an immediate reaction takes place because GABA is so suppressed that in situation like this, it won’t be able to control hyperexcitement. How is these corrected? If it takes 4 weeks continuous use of benzo before the body becomes dependent then I can say that it will also take 4 weeks for the body to adjust once stopping benzo intake. The most critical period would be the first ten days of withdrawal since it is during this period that seizure is very inevitable and the body is unable to produce GABA inhibitors to counter react the situation. But once the critical period is surpassed, the brain now will rethink as their is cessation of the artificial GABA, it will start producing its own GABA inhibitors again. During this 4 weeks of recovery most of the time the body needs assistance in order to recover smoothly as it transitions during the cleansing period. This time it would need gradual tapering dose of benzo or any anticonvulsant like depakote to control the withdrawal symptoms at the same time provides enough time for the brain to regain control of its GABA inhibitors.

To my readers, this is pure analysis and I hope this will help anybody who are interested in giving up benzo. Do not let drugs control your life, instead control drug use and be wise. Doctors prescribe the medication with the confidence that it will help your symptoms, there is nothing wrong with that. ..But the wrong comes on the way when you pretend to be innocent and ignorant about your prescription. It is too late when you realize a damage was already done before you can even say something. But.. hope and life should be the inspiration to live again, this time be in control!!!!


Beautiful Hearts


Inner beauty emanates from within.

 Measured by anonymity

Revealed by strong desire to pitch

Willingness to share

Not expecting a piece of bread

Only hopes to embrace

The uniqueness

of a B e  a u t i f u l   H e a r t……….



A Mother’s Plea


I delivered you with ambivalence and pain.

But  was like magic when you arrived and I gain.

I nurtured you with  self less love and sleepless night

yet your smile and giggles dissipated the aches

that gave me the strength to continue and be at your side.

You went to primary school, you never gave me trouble.

High school started, was  difficult but I can still take.

You went to college you are drifting away as far as you could

you always comeback when it’s time to get your goods.

You got a job, and shared your bucks.

You got a boyfriend and I arranged the wedding.

You’ve got 2 girls, they keep me kicking.

Now I’m 92, alone in an empty room.

A different home I’m not sure I knew,

someone knocked the door, who do you think you are?

She told me it’s time to eat dinner and wheeled me far.

Now I see similar faces reminding  me of yesterday

But I keep looking for someone…. someday I would find.

Days are passing yet she did not come.

I fainted and brought to the hospital.

Then I saw her face I’m not sure if she is alright

“It’s ok  mom, I’m here at your bedside.”

I don’t know if I will cry or give a  smile

But I’m confused why only now……..

Is this the time you are waiting to see me?

Sick,old and wrinkled?

I waited all day,all night without an end

I’m in a foreign place I did not choose to live.

Daughter this is my last plea…………..

bring me home to my old place

allow me to live with you until my last breath.




Married for less than a year or more ?

Do you really love and care for  Him for sure?

Do you have kids, 1………2…………3…………four?

Then why do you seek to end your vow?

And not wait a bit more????????????



Security is what a woman seeks…

That’s what statistics believe.

Prosperity is what she hopes for..

That’s possible  if you do together.



Intimacy is second to none

Because it binds you together as one.

But if a man desires multi flavor,

The focus will be altered forever.



Children are the fruits of delight

The spice and sweets, the joy of home

Who do you think would suffer more?

 You seeking to  untangle the vine…

Or the small voices……. the innocent mind.



Depression is the result of deprivation

where as Anxiety is the  result of guilt.

 Build up those coping mechanisms

It will be your Iron shield against drugs and criticisms.



Save your marriage, save your life…

and save the life of those innocent lad

Be patient and seek guidance…

Self retreat…visualize and  cope.

It transcends you to the door of hope.


Divorce is a document of despair

The number one  income for lawyers.

destructive more that constructive

The  enemy of kids, family and friends. 



The Wedding


The Wedding

Everyone watched as the wedding unfolds
It was no ordinary occasion, the palace can hold.
An extraordinary, sensational and royal
As the two hearts merge,vowed to be loyal.

A dream come true for a woman
The end of a web for every man.
As the couple walks into the bed of roses
Should expect to step thorns and crosses.

Prepared to live as one
Decision made without leaving one
Happiness must  be shared by both
Being apart could be a loath.

Marriage as the last contract
A couples signature for a valid contact.
Love is a mixture of spice
It’s tenderness warmth the honeymoon bliss….

S A J E R O S A ……….

My Little Boy, ” T I M O T H Y”


I was told it will be a girl
Surprised  by a boy once out to see the world.
We welcomed him happily with tears in our eyes.
A bundle of joy, a bundle of hope, and a bundle of love…

He was growing so fast I cannot cope up,
Was busy with work and neglected the fact,
That my boy needs me every minute..every second..
Then one day I realized my little boy was deprived.

He was three and cannot speak,
Hyperactive and difficult to sleep
I brought him to see the Doc
Informed  normal, he will eventually talk…

Then a speech therapist said
my boy’s behavior comparable to an 18 month old!!!!
Alarmed, disappointed but hopeful.
Therapy started but slow and barely helpful.

Gave up a  job, an alibi of gab

To protect a Tod,  my precious lad

Geared myself to teach with a goal to reach
And instill the word of love with an infinite hope.

Made him feel that he is the only one in the world.

A month of consistency, made me see the truth
He  started forming words and reading a… b… c..
My heart was pounding and all excited..
I keep thanking God for giving me the chance
To redeem myself and attend to my child.

Second month was diagnostic
My son was reading  cat..hat..fat

Counting was handy with 1 to 20..
That part of his brain was  finally unraveled

stimulated, driven and marveled

Again, I thank God for waking me up.

Succeeding months were incredible
There were ups and down but  moving on
Now he is six and in kindergarten
He loves to read and understand mathematics.

He wakes up in the morning without difficulty,
Takes a bath and dress himself ready
He refused to be helped because he wants to do himself,
Has an independent mind, will ask if he needed help.

Today I don’t have to worry
For he expresses himself freely.
Thank you for all the help….
Thank you everyone..
And Thank You GOD for giving me
My …….T I M O T H Y ……………..

S a j e r o s a