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This are short stories of the reality of life.

Travel Nurse 1


The airport is crowded as usual, pushing my way towards the lane a group of Koreans were in front of me. Check in was fast and I requested a seat near the window. Exhausted but excited of the trip I concentrated on my itinerary for this visit. We were in midair and the atmosphere was serene, everybody looks tired and drifted on and off. I just finished listing my to do list when suddenly somebody cried! The staff went to the business class where the sound came from, then suddenly I hear an announcement for the need of medical staff who can come forward to help. I looked around, no doctor seem to be on board. Then the feeling of urgency was creeping inside me, a familiar fear of the unknown that something is wrong.I stood up and went to check what was going on. I introduced myself, I am a practicing cardiology nurse in one of the hospital in New York. The passenger was pale, unresponsive but breathing normal, skin moist and diaphoretic, He looks familiar but I couldn’t imagine where. I checked his pulse it’s weak and thready. Blood pressure was taken and it was normal low. I told myself to calm down and think. I asked for a glucometer on board and fortunately the first aid kit of the plane is equipped. I started looking for an alert wrist band or necklace and indeed the passenger is diabetic. The meter shows a CBG of 20. I administered glucagon shot, I followed with another shot then slowly the passenger woke up. He told me he took his insulin shot this morning and decided to eat while waiting to check in. But his morning was not smooth, he arrived late due to an accident on the way. Who knows he might be up all night preparing and thinking about his family back home, so upon boarding the plane he slumped and it did not took him a while to ride in his dream. The flight attendant was serving drinks when the passenger beside him noticed something unusual thus the sudden cry.He gave me his business card and everybody went back to their seat. He was then served a snack. Inside me I was happy and satisfied, I had dreamed of becoming an ER nurse and even became certified as emergency nurse by the BCEN instead I cannot seem to get away from the appeal of the heart. All the staff were giving me a warm smile, and I reassured myself I am covered by the Good Samaritan law. But wait.. we are in the plane will it be applicable then? Well, I will check on the planes policy and google it when I get to the hotel. For me, the 12 hour trip was cut short because of the event, we are now landing any minute. The international airport of Seoul is beautiful. as I follow the lane to the immigration the man who had hypoglycemia was met by a group of men in black suite. Wow, I told myself he must be a known personality here in Korea.

N.B. Exploring…,conceiving… and creating.. a story to captivate yourself and your readers is the art of the creative mind… by S.P.A

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A Wake Up Call For The Non- Compliant Patient


Patient C thinks he is doing well. It has been 3 weeks since he was admitted. He is in the road to recovery but because of some complications his stay was longer than expected. He became irritable because of not being able to do what he wants, he wants to get up but disappointed because of extreme weakness while doing so. His will power is strong but his body is weak. His mind is narrowed by his desire to shortcut the course but the body does not think that way. Our body is amazingly and intricately created to undergo processes that only those gifted with wisdom will understand. The body has its own healing power that is mandated by the immune system with the life giving power of the blood that goes around every corner of our body tissues. With the help of medicine this power is sometimes enhanced but failure may take place if the body senses it’s inappropriate and dangerous. A sound and understanding mind is also essential and plays an important role with the healing process. Educating ourselves and respecting those who studied them should guide us to a speedy recovery but averting the process with stupidity and immature control will only delay the whole picture of a smooth and healthy expectations.

Patient C realized the mistake he did, the following night his behavior changed, was more cooperative and patient. But he still needs continued education as his case is unique and extremely delicate. I thought I should have been more insistent and assertive but things happen this way so the one concerned will learn in a way.

Student Visa continued……


It was a  long trip from Detroit to Heathrow. As soon as the plane touched down people were all preparing for the exit. My seat mate has snoozed even before the big bird climbed  into the clouds. She appears exhausted that she barely even ate  her meals.  I woke her up and told her we have arrived. She said thank you and started gathering her things. She asked where and whom  am I staying with . I told her my niece  will pick me up. She is a nurse but works as caregiver here. She stared at me and I can see beneath those beautiful chinky eyes her sad story and sorrow.  As we went through the immigration we became comfortable with each other and chatted all the way to the lounge. We  decided to drink coffee.  We started again conversing about life and work then she said,” Is your niece a registered nurse here?”  I said I don’t think so, as far as I know she is here with a student visa so she only work part-time as caregiver. I can see the tears in her eyes and she told me her story.  She is popularly known as Marie, she is also a nurse and came to London several years back with a student visa. She was then full of expectations at that time but all her dreams crushed when her goal became unreachable as the situation became worst and very difficult. Immigration rules are changing  and applying for the RN registry requires tons of money that is hard to earn when you can only spend few hours here and their as carer or caregiver. Yet you still need to send money to pay your loan back home and give allowance for your siblings and pocket-money for your parents. Suddenly, I saw a flicker of bright light in the corner of her eyes. And I asked her, then how did you go to the US? And she told me, ” I met this guy in a coffee shop during one of my rare leisure time. We liked each other and started dating. We are getting married next month. I  came back  to finish things and  say goodbye to my friends and employer.”  Ten minutes is over and I’m sure my niece is eagerly waiting for me in the arrival area. We exchanged business cards, congratulated her for the upcoming wedding and  to keep in touch.

Marie finally found a love match that would give her a brighter future and not  the gloomy London dream. What about my niece!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder where is she, as soon as I came out I heard her yelling my name. And who was that blond beside her????????? Oh my gush…. is it another London niece pls… don’t rush..

…..until next episode…


The Souq Experience


It’s Friday morning, everyone excited because it’s “souq” day. Souq is an Arab market where you can find  Jewelries, dry goods, linens, fruits and vegetables and many more. It is known for bargain and low prices. Swarmed by people in black abaya and white long priest dresses. I ‘m glad I’m off today. This is the only time that I can go out and buy some items for my daughter. I wore a head-dress matched with my abaya joined others already in the bus. The driver reminded us  that we only have an hour to shop then we will be brought back to our accommodation. It’s sad but it’s safer that way. We shop like butterflies moving from one shop to another. Being alert and careful because all shop owners were male. We have to have  partners  or in groups. It’s time to practice my Arabic and it’s fun to interact with my limited language but i pick up really quickly and add them to my vocabulary. Today, I haven’t got any for my girl but i bought the biggest flat bread known to man, the” kubos”. I don’t know why but I learned to love it, brushed with butter you can eat with sauteed tomatoes, onions and egg mixed together or ground meat instead. The natural smell of a newly baked bread, the aroma of chicken or lamb being roasted outside had made my day smoking with an inkling of life. Thank you God I’m alive. Ten more minutes and the bus will come ,I have to get ready and be on time. Most of them are carrying big plastic bags full of goodies but mine was a bag full of memories, a breath-taking experience of the….. souq.


Student Visa


It was raining hard and the road is dirty, as I listened to the sound of rain in my windshield it’s difficult to find my way in the dark especially that not all electric post have working  bulbs in them. Then I saw a young woman trying to wave for a taxi, she was drenched  clasping a folder as she tries to protect it from getting wet. Because of the weather it’s hard to get a taxi.  I’m on my way home anyway so I stopped in front of the young woman. I asked where she is going and she was polite to say where which happened to be close to where I’m heading. She tell her name is Brenda. With out further question she seem to trust me and told me what is with the folder. I gave the extra towel that I keep in my car which she readily accepted and dried her hair. She said she just got her student visa.  She told me she is a Nurse and she is going to London. She tried to hide the tears as she relates how hard it was for her and her parents to collect money for the visa and finally it came. She promised her parents to help in sending her other sibling to college and will work hard to pay the loan from the bank. I know that a collateral is needed before you can get a loan to any bank this days. I turned on the music, it was my favorite..The Prayer. I told her you are a good daughter with a  great heart. Then I wondered how can she earn money if she is going there with a student visa? But I left it in the air because she said we are now close to her house. Before she stepped out of the car I told her to wherever you go take care of yourself, your decision is critical and it has a great impact in your future. She said thank you and waved good-bye still clasping her folder.

That day I became a good Samaritan. But It was hard for me to sleep that night thinking about what she said. Why Nurses this days are desperate to find work? Do they have to go to London to find a job  in a guise of a student visa? Where is their confidence? Why does the government allow this professionals to be misguided? Was it the government’s fault or the system and people who try to lure others just to make money.Exhausted I finally drifted to sleep.

The following day I got a call from my niece. She is also a nurse and told me with an exciting voice that  she is now in London. What??????????? How did you go there? With a student visa? I was disappointed but she seemed to be coping well ..the question..until when..

You don’t need to be a BSN to become a caregiver. after all why did you go to school and pay tons of money just to become a nurse but end up a caregiver in London or Canada? Say it’s just a stepping stone but years is moving forward not backwards. I just hope Brenda will do her best and dream bigger than becoming a caregiver in London and so with my niece.

Note: This is just a story I crafted in my mind. Any similarity is purely coincidental.