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The Floaters


I thought it was just an add on
With different colors,style and shape
But no.. it works like the original life vest on.
Such a bright idea,a credit to the inventor.

It boost confidence
It made parents comfortable,
proud and calm as those tinny arms paddles
with their short kicks they float
and make their progress in the blue waters.

It is safe, stylish and reasonable
An amazing gadget, a parents partner
In teaching kids how to swim and float.

At the beginning of summer
On our way home from a friends swim invitation,
My son, Timothy said,”Mom,I can’t believe I don’t know how to swim.”
My first time to see his face full of disappointment
Sadness engulfed his bright eyes
Now forming wells of unforgettable tears.

My heart sank and felt my son’s desires,
But how will I teach him? I myself don’t know how!
I plan to enroll him to learn the basics at least
But a friend recommended a floater would help.
He used a floater before but that was a year or two…

A simple arm floaters indeed was the trick!
My son flipped, floated and explored
But Yuri played with his floaters
Now its torn and cannot be restored
An expense I have to endure,
But my son reassured me, “Mom, I don’t need a floater anymore.”
I was skeptical and did not believe at first
Unable to find one I let him be himself.

Amazed, happy and mesmerized
He surprised me with the skill he displayed
He floated, flipped and dipped
To the pool not a trace of fear
But courage and confidence..
A freedom and independence learned..

My son.. I’m so proud of you!!
For the inventors of floaters..
Thank you so much..

n.b.. with or with out floaters parents/adults are advised to be with their children always.


When Your Weakness Becomes Your Strength


When your weakness becomes your strength

When your disability enables your ability

When your shortcomings reverse your standards

When your imperfections makes you wholesome

When your failures triggers your success

Only Y O U  can convert the  N E G A T I V E

Into P O S I T I V E .

Success abounds when you b e l i e v e  in your self…

S A J E R O S A 


The Swan


You are the swan that flew into my life

You are beautiful, strong with your magnificent wing

You captured my heart with your victorious route

Filled me with your ambitious mind

Lured me to swim  with the music of your wish

Made a perfect escapade into your hiding place.

A beautiful, sparkling lake, the  sun rays in an octave wave

The crystal water, cool and refreshing

The smell  of pine and blooming lilies

The singing birds and the whistling leaves

Drowns the night with harmonious  peace .. a  glorified retreat.

We swam and dance till midnight

witnessed the full moon until sunrise

a delightful image, a memorable sight

A  passionate romance. a dreamlike night.

Together we flew  into the blue sky

Stayed up high and followed the line

A “V”  of force, power and victory.

Thank you for the short romance

It was nice , gentle and bright

I woke up  in the morning feeling amused

I opened my eyes and look  around

dream dream dream.. my … swan… is gone…..


The CareGiver


Who can be a caregiver?
A person who cares to deliver
the message of nursing, and not suffer?

At most, it is a sacrifice
For hope of a better life
Is it a vocation? Or a last option?

It saps your energy
Your body and your pride
To become a caregiver for life.


Second Letter to Comrades in Care


3 West!

3 west I chose you as my unit home
It was not easy but I have to claim a room
To end a nomadic strife
and start a wonderful work life.

Each was given a locker and so do I
With this honor right  my very eye
It gave me the shiver of respect
and confidence in say..
This is my second  home…

3 west you have a lot to  improve
In order to bloom  and shine among the clove
Number one is the bulletin board
withered, tattered and asking for gift!
A total makeover, a creative face lift.

Number two is the famous bean cup!
Please don’t leave your trash on top
Make your desk the best place to write
Using the wipes from left to right.

s a j e r o s a