A Healthy Kidney Wasted


A hospital is under fire due to an accidental but irreparable mistake by an OR Nurse. The nurse should not be blamed alone! We are humans, we do commit mistakes. How horrible did she felt when she found out that what she flushed was a healthy kidney waiting for transplant? She must be trying to help by cleaning up the mess. And who left the mess and did not do an appropriate red label for the kidney?.. the other nurse on break? We don’t know what really happened and we can only deduce from news report. I felt sorry about the 2 nurses and the family concerned. I only hope and pray that time will heal such an inconceivable but preventable fate. A big lesson to learn from.

A tertiary hospital like this should have been well equipped with protocols, policies and procedures about safety measures to ensure that malpractice and negligence can never be committed under any circumstances because the process is safe guarded by these 3 P’s. The only human error would be if certain measures were not strictly followed.

Always follow your curious mind
For it will lead you to unwind
the knowledge and mystery behind
Unlock the truth with your common sense
you will never regret the wasted time
After all, to dig for the answer was the goal of a smart mind…
Believe what your instinct suggests
Not to entertain ignorance
Nor a care free never mind
And be regretful your lifetime.

by S A J E R O S A


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