The Swan


You are the swan that flew into my life

You are beautiful, strong with your magnificent wing

You captured my heart with your victorious route

Filled me with your ambitious mind

Lured me to swim  with the music of your wish

Made a perfect escapade into your hiding place.

A beautiful, sparkling lake, the  sun rays in an octave wave

The crystal water, cool and refreshing

The smell  of pine and blooming lilies

The singing birds and the whistling leaves

Drowns the night with harmonious  peace .. a  glorified retreat.

We swam and dance till midnight

witnessed the full moon until sunrise

a delightful image, a memorable sight

A  passionate romance. a dreamlike night.

Together we flew  into the blue sky

Stayed up high and followed the line

A “V”  of force, power and victory.

Thank you for the short romance

It was nice , gentle and bright

I woke up  in the morning feeling amused

I opened my eyes and look  around

dream dream dream.. my … swan… is gone…..



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    • Thank you Brigitte, yes you are right. It can also be a future buried in your dream then came to realize later that you seem to have seen the place before.

      Thanks again,

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